Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My nervous husband

Dennis was tense the entire drive over to Sweet Tomatoes tonight. He said it was a bad idea to take the twins there, and it would never work.

I think he was reflecting back earlier today when we took the twins to the care center to see a few of our friends there.

They only have it in them to be "good" for so long.

Don't get me wrong, he adores the twins as much as I do. But like he reminds me, they are TWO and there are 2 of them. He thinks it's best to just love on 2 year olds at home, and not bring them out in public until they are civilized.

My argument was
1) At least I would not have to clean up after dinner and
2) It would put us that much closer to bedtime after it was over. (no offense intended, we just get tired)

On the drive there I put my hand on his arm and said, "Just remember, we can't always change the circumstance, but we can change our attitude." Good thing he has a sense of humor.

As we were going towards the door of the restaurant I told the twins, "Just pretend you are FOUR."

That seemed to work because look how well they behaved!

We had very little of this....

And I just freaked out once when I took them both to the bathroom. 
It wasn't the cleanest thing I ever saw and I kept saying, "Don't touch anything!"

But we made it and they were so wonderful, we even went to see how my Dad was doing since his surgery yesterday. He amazes me! We're talking recovering from 2 incisions in his chest where they replaced his batteries....and this was just yesterday. He claims to have no pain!

We give the babies back to their parents tomorrow.
Good thing we will still be related because I know we will miss them.
And as soon as we have a good nap, and a good night sleep, we will miss them even more.

Just about every time I cough or sneeze, Téa says to me, "Are you okay?"
And I answer, "Yes, I'm fine. It's just a cough."
Téa:  "Ohhhh, is it an owie?"
Me:  "No, it doesn't hurt. Just a cough."
This is when Jonas joins in: "A cough? Do you need medicine?"

It plays out like a symphony. Nearly word for word every time. And Jonas always come in at the end.
Dennis laughs and says, "I've never heard anything like this."
I will miss all their sweet sympathy!


Sue said...

They are such a delightful pair, Jill. I'll bet you've enjoyed them!


Eileen said...

So sweet, Jill!

I think the twins did great at dinner, and I loved seeing Jonas walking around with his hands up in the air in the public bathroom ~ I guess he was really listening to you about not touching anything! He looks like a doctor going into surgery after scrubbing up ~ "Gloves please"!

I am the same way, I'm always saying to my grandkids, "Don't touch anything, I'll clean the seat, I'll flush for you, I'll turn on the water, I'll open the door for you."
I don't know what they must think and I'm surprised they're not afraid to go to the bathroom when we are out!

Great post, Jill, it was like I was along for the ride!

I'm sure you'll miss them, but I know exactly what you mean about catching up on your rest. That's how I feel about my weekends, most of the time I am playing 'catch up' on everything (sleep, household chores, sleep, errands, and again SLEEP!).

I've enjoyed their visit so much, thanks for posting about it.
Love and Prayers,

PS ~ So nice to hear that your Dad is doing so well, and great that you posted a picture of him so we could see for ourselves!

grandmapeg said...

What a fun adventure the twins have had this time while staying with you and Dennis, and I love how concerned they are each time you cough. I'm sure your friends at the care center enjoyed their visit with the little ones! You certainly keep the twins entertained!

Connie said...

You are brave to take 2 two year olds to a restaurant but looks like all went well. Glad your Dad is doing so well after surgery.

Hope you get a good long nap when the cherubs are back with their parents.

Lisa said...

Now this is serious grandma adventuring! Precious memories. Good to know your Dad is doing great!

Becky Jane said...

I ♥ the dialogue!

Ammy said...

I laughed right out loud when you said, Pretend you are four". My Josey is 4 and she is SO NAUGHTY , Jill! I don't even want to tell you what she did the other night (sta tuned to my blog to find out). I have no idea where she got this definitely wasn't Hannah (Hannah has always been the perfect little girl, I guess that is why Josey is naughty).

kelly said...

They are SO cute! I love the picture at the end. I like the cough thing too, so funny.

Amy Nielson said...

I think you guys are such good grandparents to watch them!!

Rebecca said...

Wow you are brave to go out in public and with two of them! I usually think twice before I take Stockton out and he is just one little person! I think Amy and Logan are lucky to have someone they can trust to love their little ones like you and Dennis do!

Darlene said...

I absolutely LOVED that last picture with Tea putting her arm around Jonas. It is priceless and shows how much they love each other. It is good to know that they will be close for the rest of their lives. I also loved it that they were so concerned with how you were feeling and for how Jonas wanted to make sure you were doing everything you could to get well.

It must have been fun to have them. I'm not surprised that they were so good at the restuarant. Usually they are much better with someone other than their parents and it was sweet knowing that they tried to be extra specially good for you guys.

Take care, Jill. I hope that you are feeling ever so much better. I am still a bit sore from the fall and coughing like crazy. I wonder when this cough will ever end. I am so weak and I am an impatient patient. I just want to be WELL again.

As for your Dad, believe him! Dick has had this surgery a couple of times and he swears it really doesn't hurt.