Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Look what baby Grant sent to Grandpa!

This just shows a little of the picture poster Grant sent...I couldn't get it all in our printer. 
But you get the idea. I wish I had taken a video of Grandpa opening it up. 
He was SO excited. There is just expression after expression of our little guy. 

And if you are not familiar with the dynamics of our family, 

As Dennis admired his wonderful gift he said, "This has McKenna written all over it!"
It does indeed!

And no, it's not Dennis' birthday yet. Not quite.
So this was a total surprise.

Grant I'm sure is getting stronger by the day....take a look.
And trust me, I've held those braces in my hands and they are not light.


Sue said...

So cute!


Scrapally said...

Very clever gift! What a darling little boy and lucky grandparents!!

Karen Mortensen said...

That is so sweet. I want one. Happy almost birthday Dennis.

Eileen said...

Such a sweet gift! I'm sure Dennis will cherish it, and I really do agree that Grant looks just like Grandpa Dennis! (And I did know the circumstances, but I was happy that you linked to the older post because I don't remember ever seeing that one. What a wedding day story! A day to remember for so many reasons!)

Grant is a beautiful baby! And he looks so happy! And he's making me smile!
God Bless!
Love and Prayers,

Dad and Susan said...

How cute!!! Complimenting that cute baby Grant is the same as complimenting Dennis! The do look alike, but Dennis isn't as cute. Love, Dad and Susan

Mar~ said...

That is so sweet!
I am so glad you linked to your earlier post about you and Dennis. That was a super fun read! What a blessing for the two of you to have each other.
I cannot believe how much your boys have grown and your family has changed since your wedding day. Really neat stuff!

Anonymous said...

Grant's in the process of developing great abs!

Grandma Honey said...

I agree Darlene! I'm glad you saw the video. I put it on later so I wasn't sure if you would.

Darlene said...

This guy is such a darling baby and he is going to have very strong legs, which will serve him well thoughout his life.

Grant really does look like his
Grandpa. I'm sure Dennis is pretty darned prous of his "twin."

grandmapeg said...

Grant does resemble Dennis and has such a cute smile just like his grandpa! Grant is going to develop some strong legs!!!

the Rich girl said...

I LOVE Grant's smiles. He is one of the most handsome babies in the whole world, for sure.

McKenna Heasley said...

Rich is too! They are going to make quite a team someday. :)