Thursday, September 8, 2011

McKenna's in labor!

She and McKay checked into the hospital about 4am this morning so now we are playing the waiting game. The Dr broke her water about 8am. She has her epidural in place and last I heard she was sleeping.
Just thought I'd let you know. Plus I want to keep record of this day.

Plus, I am really excited the McK's baby is being born on this particular day. September 8th is the day I wanted McKay to be born because it is the birthday of the great man he was named after, President David O. McKay. Of course that wouldn't have worked being Sept. 8th is EXACTLY 6 months after McKay's birthday of March I would have had a record breaking long pregnancy.

President McKay was the prophet and president of our dearly loved church for most of my growing up years....from before I was born and until 1970 when he passed away.

So in other words, McKay and McKenna's son will be born on McKay's half birthday, plus on the birthday of President David O McKay. How wonderful is that!


Sue said...

So excited for all of you!


the Rich girl said...

Good! I'm glad she is getting a chance to sleep!

I was thinking about them all night last night. So so excited for my new nephew!

Dad and Susan said...

So exciting. Keep us posted. Prayers are going their way. Can imagine how anxious you are. Love, Dad and Susan

Anonymous said...

Best wishes!!

Karen Mortensen said...