Friday, September 16, 2011

Shining the lights on Grant

Baby Grant has some newborn jaundice so look what he gets to do for 20 hours a day....

His Mommy lies right beside him assuring him that she's there. 

Amazing how they can bring this little lighting bed into their home so he can stay with his parents.
 They have to bring him to the hospital every morning for blood work. 
Blood tests can feel like no minor thing for a baby. They can be quite traumatic. 
I remember I use to cry right along with baby McKay when he would get poked...over and over again.

McKenna doesn't want him to think they have abandoned him 
so she stays by his side stroking his head and talking to him.

I heard she even sang Wheels on the Bus to him....and he liked it.
Motherhood is such a sacred adventure.


Karen Mortensen said...

Not to make light of anything but that really looks comfortable. Do they have those for adults that would produce a tan?

McKenna is so sweet. That brought tears to my eyes when you told us what she does. I am sure that means a lot to Grant. He is so lucky he has such great parents.

Eileen said...

This is so sweet. And that first photo is especially beautiful.

Four out of our five children were jaundiced and needed to have photo therapy too, and two of them needed to have blood exchanges as the therapy wasn't helping to bring down the count . We had to leave our babies in the hospital for the therapy/exchange. SO MUCH BETTER for the family to stay together! So happy for McKay, McKenna, and Grant!
They are a beautiful family!
God Bless!
Love and Prayers,

Dad and Susan said...

What a precious baby. And how nice that they can give this medical service in their home. Love the pictures. Love, Dad and Susan

Sue said...

All four of my kids had to go under the bilirubin lights. It's cool that they can do that at home now!


Ammy said...

My sisters baby had to be in in one of those beds and do the blood work every day. I was working in the lab at the time and had to draw his blood. It is really hard seeing a baby's blood drawn (or drawing it yourself) but to know that they can do and see lots of things in blood is amazing to me.

Logan and Amy said...

McKenna is an amazing Mother! I hope Grant gets over the jaundice real quick! He looks so cozy laying there under the lights.

Anonymous said...

Our son needed the lights too but they gave us a choice of the bed or a "blanket" of lights that you wrap the baby up in. We chose the blanket so that we could hold him the whole time. You should tell them to ask if they could use the blanket lights. Although, he may not need them much longer.

Mary said...

Jacob was so jaundiced 20 years ago that I called him my pumpkin baby. He was pretty well orange. No lights, though. They just had me take him in the sun off and on, and lay him in the sunlight by the window. Not for 20 hours though! It seemed to work well. I imagine the lights they use now are made so they are safer than the sun's rays.

grandmapeg said...

Little Grant looks like he is having a 'day at the spa' :-) I love the last picture best of all! What a cute picture of him holding on to his mother!

Heather said...

Nathan had to be under the lights as well, although only for a couple of days. It was hard because I couldn't hold him, except to nurse and he so wanted to be held and cuddled. I spent a lot of time those two days standing next to his bed, trying to comfort him (it was in the hospital and I couldn't move his bed next to mine or didn't think of it). I am so glad McKenna can be in her own home, and lying down while she bonds with her baby! What a sweet mommy and baby, I love the picture of his hand resting on hers.

Rebecca said...

Well, he does look comfy! Such a cutie! Jake had this and we had to keep going back every day for a while.