Thursday, September 8, 2011

A little update

McKenna's at a 4 she's progressing.

So they are discussing names and trying to come up with a decision. According to the nurses a Jackson and a Taisyl were just born. Must be fun to be a nurse on the baby floor and hear all the latest names.

McKay said the hospital brought him lunch which I thought was pretty nice. They have a room right next to theirs for fathers to get what they need....juices, cereal, puddings, milk...that sort of thing. He is quite pleased because this means he doesn't have to leave her to eat.

Back in the day, we use to pack food for our husbands, along with our clothes and outfit for the baby. And they certainly didn't have a place for them to spend the night with us. Fathers barely got to be there for the birth...and that was only if they took a special class about childbirth and brought their certificate as proof!


Karen Mortensen said...

This is exciting. Can't wait to see him.

Eileen said...

Thanks for the update!
They are in my prayers.

I remember when I had my oldest son, there wasn't even a 'father's waiting room' where Ray could stay, he had to sit down in the hospital lobby and listen for his name to be called over a loudspeaker! By the time I had my youngest things had changed a lot, and for the better!

I'll check back again before I go to bed and then again in the morning.
Love and Prayers,

Sue said...

The hospitals really are more family-friendly now. And that's a good thing!