Friday, June 24, 2011

Cooking before take off...!!

This absolutely astounds me. When I heard this I was nearly breathless. Well okay, I was still breathing, but just in awe. Total awe.

My son's McKay's wife, McKenna, flew away to Virginia for her niece's baptism, and to visit with family. He couldn't go with her because he is teaching calculus every weekday. She didn't like leaving McKay alone, fending for himself while she would be gone for 9 days......SO.... the day before she left, McKenna made NINE DINNERS FOR McKay!  Seriously. 

When she told me yesterday she was going to make some meals up for McKay I was thinking one or two. But McKay told me today she made NINE. All yesterday too!

Here are the meals all ready and waiting for McKay:

Stuffed pork chops and potatoes
Fajitas and fruit
Spanish Chicken and Rice
Hot sandwiches
Baked Ziti
Shepherd Pie
Mollie's Chicken
Chicken Rice Bake

McKay says she left instructions with each meal, telling him when to take it out to thaw, and how to warm it up. Have you ever heard of a wife doing this for her husband??? I sure haven't. Not for this many days. Not in my lifetime.

And while I'm at it, take a look at this small video clip taken last Sunday.


Ry said...

Kim did this for us once before leaving - two boxes of Cap'n Crunch and a gallon of milk!

Sue said...

They are such a great couple. I love that she did that for him!

And have you ever seen a cuter pregnant lady?


Scrapally said...

She is wonder woman! I can't imagine making that many meals at once. She sure is cute...with her little baby bump too...McKay is one lucky fella!

Dad and Susan said...

Super Woman is alive and well in Provo! We're more than impressed. Both the Mc's look great. Love, Dad and Susan

Ammy said...

I do that for my husband, only it's boxes of mac and cheese and cereal...and tell him if he needs anything else, her can go get take out...McKenna is so inspiring! If only I had the gumption!

grandmapeg said...

McKenna is one awesome wife to do that for McKay. I'm really impressed by that! Cute video!

Karen Mortensen said...

What a woman. When can she come to my house?

cristie said...

this is so sweet and caring. xox

Richard said...

Pardon my cynicism, but aren't those the same 9 varieties of Lean Cuisine carried by Food4Less in Provo? Keep up good work, McKenna and McKay!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Ahh how wonderful that she did this for McKay. What a lovely way to show someone how much you love them.
enjoyed my visit here very much and hope your having a wonderful day

Holly Decker said...

thanks for listing such great meal ideas! :)
what a great family you have- and its GROWING! how splendid!

thanks again for reading my blog. good luck with your physical therapy, i hope you recover well.

Rebecca said...

what a sweet wife!

Kris said...

Cute McKenna!!!! What a great thing to do for McKay!

Heidi Garvin said...

Aw, you know that more than worrying about him fending for himself, McKenna was going to miss him and left him the dinner equivalent of hugs and kisses. Then again, I've met McKay and can only imagine what he might eat if left to fend for himself. Not that I'm one to talk...I am after all the person who once made MILK POPSICLES with McKay as a child. (Just kidding...I am sure McKay's cooking prowess has improved with time.)

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

Another darling video...what a lovely couple! McKenna looks so adorable pregnant.

Mar~ said...

Ha! Karen has always told me that I would really like McKenna, and I do!
She is great!
I do the same thing for Jonathan and I always have. I love to cook, I love to feed him, it is easy for me to have things ready for him when I leave the home, so I do.
He appreciates it too.
I hope McKenna and McKay survived their very long time apart.