Saturday, November 26, 2016

Born in their storage room...

I'd always thought dogs must have it easier than us women 
when it came to giving birth.

When Amy texted me about 1:30 last Thursday and said Piper was 
in labor, I felt bad not being able to rush right over until later on 
that evening. I thought we would miss it.

But no, Piper hung on through the entire night. 

Amy slept right by her in their storage room,
and set her alarm to go off every hour 
so she wouldn't miss anything. 

 Sleeping all night with the dog? Seriously, I cannot relate to this.
She has a devotion I will never know.

Den dropped me off just in time the next afternoon,
while he went to get Taco Bell per their request. 

After all, Amy had been camping out with the dog 
in the storage room since the day before.

Within minutes of arriving, I got to see the first one be born!

Kylie was the score keeper.....writing down each time of birth.
I think this has something to do with selling full breeds.

Amy's friend Margaret was there as support.
They cut each cords and tied them off.
I asked Amy why she needed to do this....
can't Piper just take care of that??

She said, yes, but she added that Piper is very tired 
and she wanted "to help her."

Then several hours later, long after I had gone home, 
Amy texted me this....

I thought Piper was done with 7.....

But no, she had TEN.

The twins were happy to miss school so they could see it all.


Susan Anderson said...

Motherhood is beautiful in every species, isn't it?
Such sweet puppies.


Scrapally said...

Wow. What a family affair! And 10 puppies...oh my!