Saturday, July 30, 2016

They let us travel with them

 Tyler and Karen headed home to Vancouver, WA yesterday morning about 5:30 am.

One last walk out of the only childhood home Tyler knows.

Thank you Karen and Tyler for being in route for 17 hours all in one day with 3 little kids, 
including a nursing baby, so that we could spend 2 weeks with you. 

And then they were gone.

But....we got to travel with them through texting. 

Den and I were in bed last night and all was dark and quiet when he suddenly started laughing.
"What are you laughing about??" 
"You have your cell phone with you."
"Lots of people sleep with their phones."
"But not you."

He's right, I don't.
But I could not go to sleep last night until I received this:

Actually I had my last text all ready to go so all I had to do was press "send" in the dark 
as soon as she said they were home....about 11pm.

Then all seemed right with the world. 

But, we sure do miss them.

PS  Just in case you noticed above, Elora took my phone one day 
and put those little footballs near Grandpa Dennis' name. 


Richard said...

Now when I text you at night, I will expect an answer...

grandmapeg said...

That's a long day of traveling for them, but one the boys will remember. What did we do without cell phones before they were invented? It makes traveling so much easier when we can keep in touch with our family...especially on those long driving days!