Friday, January 22, 2016

The big brothers meeting little sister.

So Dennis was working in our church temple yesterday. He was there all morning, and when he got
out to the car he checked his phone and he had 75 text messages! (they were all from Karen
and Tyler and me conversing back and forth). He knew just looking at the number of messages 
that Juliet had arrived!

It was such a happy day!

The last picture that came in last night. She was about 12 hours old, I think.
I know this baby. She looks so familiar to me!

Tyler and Karen sent me several videos too.....I chose these two...
Leo is such a tender sweet boy.


Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful baby! And such sweet boys! I love it when a family grows from 2 kids to 3 kids. Something special about it.

Karen Mortensen said...

So sweet.

Richard said...

So, how did they figure out the baby's name so quickly?

grandmapeg said...

These clips are so, so cute! I love how gentle the big brothers are with the baby, and especially how Rich points out every "little" feature. Of course what is amusing is how much they liked the French fries :-)

Susan Anderson said...

What a little beauty Juliet is! And such a cute family.