Tuesday, September 29, 2015

McKay coaching Grant

We start them young at our church.

Once a year the 3-11 year olds all over the world, basically take over our Sacrament meeting.
We call it the Primary Program.

The little tiny ones, like our grandson Grant in the video below, get to recite a part. As they grow a
little older they are encourage to share more of their own thoughts and feelings.

So here is Grant practicing for his part. He melts my Grandma Honey heart.


darlene said...

Awww..... what a cutie!

Karen Mortensen said...

So sweet.

McKay said...

He is getting better and better too! I think we are going to sneak him into the church and let him practice at he pulpit a few times :)

Grandma Honey said...

GREAT idea to have him practice at the podium.
Can you send me an updated video McKay? I so would love to see it!

Scrapally said...

My favorite Sunday of the year! What a little cutie. It's even more fun to watch it as grandparents now than when I was a parent!

grandmapeg said...

Love it!!! The Primary Programs are the best!