Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Lately, some of my favorite products

I thought I'd tell you about some of my latest favorite products, and why I like them

First on my list is this stuff:

McKenna turned us to this, as she puts it in her fabulous stew. Den kept raving about it so we
thought, hey, if it's good on stew how about trying it on other things…  Slowly we don't even use 
regular black pepper anymore. Just Montreal Stake. What's in it? coarse salt, spices including
black pepper and red pepper, garlic, sunflower oil, natural flavor, and paprika

A friend told me about this deodorant and I've loved it ever since. My Mom use to worry about how 
deodorant put under our arms goes directly into our lymph nodes and our blood stream. So I
was forever looking for something natural. And this one came along.

It has none of the junk in it. No petrochemicals, phthalates, propylene glycol, mineral oils, silicone,
synthetic dyes, sulfates, or paragons. It's the cleanest deodorant I've found….and it smells wonderful.

Love this liquid hand soap. Many different scents but Honeysuckle is my favorite.

I buy this at Vons and it's probably at other grocery stores as well.
Or there's always Amazon.

I'm not a chili pepper person, but there's something about this on Tacos!
Karen and Tyler introduced us to this, but don't suppose she is eating this now, or much of anything.

I keep bottled water, and two of these in my car at all times. 

I have this fear of my car breaking down on the freeway in 105' weather. 
I've never used this cooling collar but I've read that if you activate it with water and put it on your
neck, it will bring the atmosphere down 30 degrees. 

Okay, so maybe this doesn't cut grease as well as some of the harsher dish soaps, 
but to me, it's worth it for the smell! And I'd rather side on the safer less toxic way. 
So it works good enough for me. 
Fills my kitchen will a lovely scent.

Have you ever tried Ghee? 

I react to all milk products except butter, but the past few years I'm reacting to that as well. 
So when I read the Food Babe approves of Ghee and says many who cannot tolerate regular 
butter, can tolerate butter in this form, I thought I'd try it. What is so convenient too, is it looks and
acts like melted butter so it's so easy to add to recipes. And you don't keep it in the fridge so that's
nice too. It seems to work just fine in all my recipes that call for butter.

And now because of Ghee, I can eat butter without my throat hurting, or my glands swelling up.

So that's it for now. 
I'm sure I'll think of others once I press Publish. Murphy's Law, you know.


Rebecca said...

I love grill mates. I love the other flavors in this series as well: The Chipolte one is so good as is the Maple Smokehouse. I have not tried that deodorant but I want to now. It looks like there are different scents. Which do you prefer? I LOVE LOVE LOVSE Meyers products and use several of them. I love the counter and the bathroom cleaner they have and I use their dryer sheets too. I will have to try this scent. I usually get the lavender or the basil ones. AND I have not tried gee but I will now! Also love that idea of the cooling collar, such a great idea. AND I use that same dish soap. Funny Also where do you get the Chili Pepper sauce????

Grandma Honey said...

I haven't tried any of the other grill mates. I will look into others. I've only tried the vanilla in the deodorant and I love it. Smells so good! I have the basil hand soap in my kitchen right now, and I've tried the Lavender, but I like the honeysuckle best of all. The Chili Pepper sauce is a Trader Joes brand. Since you now have one close to you Rebecca, you can get it there.

Grandma Honey said...

Meyer's has dryer sheets?? I will them!

Karen Mortensen said...

Sounds like good stuff.

Robin said...

Montreal Steak is Dave's FAVORITE! We buy the industrial size at Costco.

Grandma Honey said...

Den buys it in those large containers, too. He tells me, "I don't ever want to run out of this!"

grandmapeg said...

I never thought of using the Grill Mates in my stews or soups, but now I want to! Where do you get the deodorant? Thanks for the tips!

McKenna Heasley said...

I love that Trader Joe's chili Pepper sauce too!! I can't eat tacos without it anymore. Sometimes I put it in my salads too!

Scrapally said...

These products sound great...I can't wait to try some of them! I haven't tried the Ghee, but we had it at one of our funeral luncheons for the gal who is lactose intolerant and we gave her a baked potato with it instead of the funeral potatoes. She was very grateful.

Rebecca said...

I still want to know where to get the deodorant!

Grandma Honey said...

I got the deodorant in a beauty store that was inside JCPenneys. I think it was Sephora. I bought it about a year ago I'm guessing, and I'm still using the same it lasts and lasts. Next time I think I'll just get it through Amazon.

Anonymous said...

Have you tried Trader Joe's 12 season salute? Love it! I made my own ghee for a while. It was delicious!
I like Mrs. Meyers also. I use the soap and the dish soap and honeysuckle is my favorite also. I'll have to try that deodorant.

Carly said...

but does the deodorant actually work? I have tried every natural one I could find and none of them do what they are supposed to do, especially in the valley heat. maybe I am just extra stinky, lol........... and aren't you going to do a post about the lip sync? the judges picked three winners, none of them the Heasleys, even though as you can see they were better than everyone else combined. I feel like they need some recognition for their extraordinary creative talent. :)

Richard said...

You pilot a unique shopping cart.

Grandma Honey said...

Carly, I've never had a problem with it not working. At the end of the day all I smell on my clothes is the vanilla scent of the deodorant. But then I don't live in high action all day like you do.

I would love to put those lip syncing videos on but I think most have already seen them. I watch them over and over. I may do it anyway.....if I can figure out how.

Grandma Honey said...

Darlene....I use to cook with the 21 seasoning salute many years ago. I don't know why I quit. I'm going to pick some up again next time I'm at Traders.

Grandma Honey said...

Carly....just noticed they are youtubed....makes it easy for me.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, just to clarify, it's 21 Seasoning Salute. Not 12. Not that it matters, but I just used it and noticed. Ha!

K Raven Rozier, MA, HHP, MH said...

Carly, I've tried all the natural deodorants, too, including homemade ones that don't last very long at all. The best one I've used is the salt rock; it's also the best value, as it lasts years. I've learned that you can make your own spray salt deodorant by putting mineral salts in water in a small spray bottle. You could add some essential oil for scent; lavender is also anti-bacterial.

Jill, fun to see what products you use and why. Thanks for sharing.