Sunday, February 22, 2015

Glad I went that night….

So earlier this month I went with my sister Robin to her Relief Society Meeting…
for all the women in her ward.

The last speaker talked about FHE….which stands for Family Home Evening. 
Something we strive for every Monday night.

But it's not the same now for us empty nesters.
I hung around after the meeting and told the teacher, Lori Pope what a great job she did….
however also telling her I was feeling a little down that part of my life is over. 

I have no children in the home to teach every Monday night. 

That's when Lori shoved this handout at me…...

She said, "Here, do this with your married kids." 

So I approached my local kids and my Dad and Susan
 and asked that we all gather at our home for dinner and FHE. 

I decided that we would just do question #1….and then meet 4 more times to do the others. 

I made Chicken Tortilla Soup with all the toppings and homemade Mac and Cheese 
(although it wasn't really homemade but from what I heard it tasted like it was)

After dinner we asked the first question.
We all go to the same church, yet it was interesting the different things that are appreciated.
Such as, to name a few:

unpaid ministry
2 of our teenage girls said they like the standards and guidelines
the music (my Dad said it is like nothing you will hear anywhere else)
the peaceful feeling we get each week
teachings of eternal families
the love he feels there every week (one of our teenage grandboys)

 Logan had just completed a double shift at work 
(literally working around the clock!) and so happy he was still able to make it. 

 We so missed Brock and Erin and their girls but they had another commitment. 

What were the littler ones doing during all of this?
They had their special emergency team set up.

And during dinner, they were comparing notes.  
Jonas is anxious for the day when he will get to have some teeth fall out too.

And afterwards, we played a few rounds of hide the leprechaun. 

I wish I could have gotten pictures of everyone, but some did not want to. I understand that!

Just one little question, and there was our wonderful FHE. 
Five months from now, who knows, we may think of more questions. 
Everyone has an opinion, right?


Karen Mortensen said...

Sounds good. Can't wait to see how the rest go.

Anonymous said...

But, it wasn't held on a Monday night, right? Because that would interfere with their own family nights? Just wondering.

Grandma Honey said...

We've had family gatherings on Mondays before. Sometimes we do joint FHEs….sometimes we do them on other days of the week. Just what ever works best for everyone. :)

Scrapally said...

Great post! I would have loved to hear Lori's presentation. Empty nest FHE is short and sweet at our house. We watch a conference talk. Then have a dish of ice cream. :)

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful idea. Because our families' work schedules are so diverse (dayshift/nightshift/weekends/evening meetings), I was wondering if we could make this work via email. The question goes out to everyone, then each person answers with a cc to the others. Or #1 answers with a forward to #2 and so on until it comes back around.
Sad that we have such little family time that includes everyone but willing to adapt. Does anyone have suggestions?


Anonymous said...

By the way, I made the soup last night, and everyone loved it. Thanks.