Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Eve 2014

So we have this tradition now of going to Visalia for Christmas 
Eve. My brother John and his wife Suzanne host a very Rozier-ish 
homey dinner and program.

Arriving just after us were the Shepards. Literally, acting as the 
shepherds. (I didn't even catch on at first….I just kept 
thinking….'and why are they in costume?')

We missed those who could not be with us.
There were far more missing, than present.
And I did not get pictures of everyone present. I thought I could, but I didn't.
But still, lots of relatives. Lots of food.

This warms my heart every time. 
Amy takes a little out of the mashed potatoes before she adds the milk, 
so I can have some too. 

Conversations were going on all over the place….
Jeff and Dennis

Gracie and Calvary

My Dad and Peggy

Some even with their mouths full.

And for those (Sarah and Mara) who don't have all 
their vocabulary yet, they use body language to converse.

Here's a lively discussion….cousins Alex and Kylie.

Babies every where I turn….

Katie with Harvey 
(Katie is married to my nephew Jake.)

Oh, here's Jake with Harvey, too. 
Along with Ashley's husband, Andrew.

My niece Ashley with Andrew, and Sarah waving to you. 

Cousins Julie and Jake with their babies, Henry and Harvey.
I'm starting to duplicate babies and parents.

My brother John with his grandson, Henry. 
John got hot towards the end of the party and so opened the front door…but then thought he should 
guard it so all the toddlers didn't disappear. Just explaining.

Henry wearing his 15cent outfit. That's really how much it cost according to Grandma Suzanne.
I hope I'm not giving away a family secret.

Zion, Kaidy, Jude, Rivka, Hosanna, Clara

McKenzie, Laurynn, Kaidy, Macie, Téa, Austin, Jonas, 
Amy, Logan

Love the polka dots!

We always end our Christmas Eve party 
with the reason we celebrate it. 
Gracie, Zion, Hosanna, Rivka, Clara, and Jude.

And I always leave the party thinking 
of who started all these Roziers.


Karen Mortensen said...

Looks like it was a great party.

Tyler Heasley said...

This was great to see! I miss the annual gathering very much. It makes me think of how my kids would fit in. Rich would go nuts being around all these people who love him and are related to him. Leo would...probably go after the food and anything at his height, and he'd probably be screaming "No!" every five minutes.

Thanks for the rundown Mom!

grandmapeg said...

Looks like a great time for your family. I love to see how much your extended family is growing. What memories all of these grandkids will have!

Anonymous said...

Ain't family grand?

Anonymous said...

This is so precious! I love the pictures. I love the caring, sharing, thoughtfulness, cooperation, food, costumes, décor. You know me, I see every little detail so I will be emailing you with questions!! pjc

Richard said...

Wow...great to see, but just like a Hawkins to splurge on fancy baby duds.

Susan Anderson said...

Looks like a merry Christmas Eve. We had such a small group this year because everyone came home for Thanksgiving. It was really a different experience, and I'm not sure I liked it! Still, it was relaxing and we enjoyed each other.

Happy New Year!