Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Amy made a commercial!

Den copied it off our TV and for some reason 
the copy makes everyone look more oblong 
than they actually are. 

So keep that in mind, 
but we think Amy did a wonderful job! 
And she's always beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Awesome! She did a great job!
Did the pay her in dental work?

Brock said...

Nice work, Amy! (And Macie, too.)

grandmapeg said...

Amy did a great job! Maybe she can get more commercials.

Darlene said...

Amy really did come off well in the commercial. So glad you posted it, who care's that it was a bit oblong. It was fun to see her.

My son in law, Perry, used to make commercials for a lot of the big firms such as Coca Cola, McDonalds, etc. before he became a Production Designer for movies. He is somewhere on location now and Nikki(my daughter) is alone so much of the time. I sorta hate that. He used to use Kristin, Tyler, and Jordan, their children in some of the commercials, and Nikki didn't like when he did. They did get paid quite well for it though.

Hope you all have a great Christmas.

Grandmotherfairy said...

She looks I know a celebrity!!!

Karen Mortensen said...

That was great. Good job everybody.

Sue said...

She sure sold me. I think her sincerity is obvious.


Kris said...

She's so genuine and sincere. A perfect person to interview for this!

Richard said...

You know Wendy was dating Don when I met her. He was Jay's brother. He was fresh out of dental school and drove a Cadillac, but she went for the guy in the Penneys t shirt and VW bug and little sister who described shy, demure Wendy as more of a "here I am" person than a "there you are" type...don also treated my long time biz partner, Mike Hart, over my objections. I didn't think a guy with big hands could be a good dentist.

Lisa said...

She's so down to earth & so BEAUTIFUL. Amazing how fantastic she looks after 7 kids! WOW. Only in my dreams could I look like that!