Sunday, August 6, 2017

14 years later and look what she's accomplished

14 years ago we went to Fresno State to watch Erin graduate from 
college. Elora was just 6 months old

And last week, 14 years later....Erin got her Masters. 

Her baby Elora has grown a little 
since the last time her Mom graduated.

Erin's parents led this very special ceremony in her home, 

So personal and quaint and perfect.

Friends and family filled their home.

This wasn't a posed picture of Violet. 
Just happened to catch her getting friendly with the cupcakes.

Lots and lots of sparking apple cider

Elora has not only grown up a little in 14 years, 
but she babysits often for Megan (on the left there).

Megan says Elora is the only babysitter 
who can get all 4 of her kids to bed. 
Yep, Elora can be magical like that.

Congratulations Erin!
We had NO doubt you could do this.

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grandmapeg said...

Wow! Erin has accomplished so much and doing that schooling while being such a busy woman! I'm sure you and her family are so very proud of her!