Wednesday, August 2, 2017

TV has changed since 1957

Father Knows Best from the 1950s was my Mom's favorite 
program back then. She liked it because according to her, every 
episode taught a lesson.

I was especially struck by this 2 minute clip from 1957. 
Not the best video, but the audio is fine, and that's the important 
part here. (Dennis just said the video quality is terrible. Close your eyes then, but listen to it.)

I especially like what she said about husbands at the end. We sure 
aren't going to hear that on TV these 60 years later!
I don't think many women today know what power they have. 

To set the scene: 
A young pregnant wife has many hesitations about becoming a 

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grandmapeg said...

Well said!! I loved all of this advice!