Tuesday, April 25, 2017

How can she be so cheerful?

Back in the 1990s Tyler and I use to watch this program on the Hallmark channel called The Home
and Family Show. He was just a little boy so he probably wasn't really watching it, but he was with
me a lot back then, and did catch some of it.

The main host, Cristina Ferrare and her partner on the show, Michael Burger began to feel sort of like
family. That's what happens when you watch a program nearly every day.

After several years it disappeared, but came back in 2012. Of course Tyler was long gone and onto
bigger and better things....but I still will often watch the program for a few minutes most mornings
while eating breakfast.

So why am I telling you all this?

Five months ago Cristina was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. She is scheduled to enter The City
of Hope on May 2nd for a stem cell transplant.

I've been, for lack of a better word,...impressed how she has been sharing her journey on Facebook.
She even says she's going to film from City of Hope when she gets there next week.

She remains so positive and upbeat that it's baffling to me....I keep thinking, surely she knows
how serious this is....yet, how can she be so cheerful?? 

This is further proof we are not all cut from the same cloth. I get through hard things by venting. Not
her. And then one day on FB she explained why:

"Okay, here's the deal. Many of you have left me messages on my DM asking why I have not even as active on facebook 
and other outlets this past week. I had a teeny set back and was in the hospital this week. I have no immune system and 
caught a bug, kind of knocked me off my axis, but not for long! I'm home with my family and feeling better everyday, 
:) When I face a challenge I do so by retreating into myself to figure things out for a positive result. I don't know if 
that's a good thing or not but it is a coping mechanism. Also it is not my desire to become a person who complains about 
things that you can't control and be a burden to others. You just have to buckle up and get to work. It's extremely 
important to me to share this journey with all of you....."

Cristina put this video (link below) from her past on Facebook yesterday. I hope Tyler sees this. If he
doesn't remember this show, this may bring it back to him.

(and btw, the show was not usually this funny. I watched it for the book reviews, recipes, etc. Dennis
will tell you I'm not into comedy first thing in the morning.)


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