Thursday, November 3, 2016

Wonders of this past week #6

Well okay maybe not just this past week, 
but here are a few things I've noticed lately:

Den and I wandered the neighborhood on Halloween night for the 
purpose of meeting some more of our neighbors.

Can you tell the one above was written by an teacher?

I was surprised (to put it mildly) how many people (8-9 homes) 
just left a bowl of candy on their porch!

I have not seen this done since the 1960s when I was a kid

So this next one is contradictory to the one above....
 Last week while Den and I were in Vons we noticed something 
different and orange looking.
 So when I asked a clerk about it she said this is for people who 
want their Amazon packages sent to Vons rather than to their home. 
That made no sense until she said many packages 
are getting stolen off porches. 
I didn't know it was that bad out there on front porches. Did you?

And who thought a turn table for our milk 
would make us so happy?

And for you locals who live near me, 
my visiting teacher told me about this newish restaurant (6 months old).

(I loved it, Den semi-liked it.)
It's off the beaten path at Nees and Fowler. 
In other words not much else out there.

Seeing this chart somewhere....made me want to have a chili bar. 
I'm intrigued by the goldfish and the tator tots. 
Would never have thought to put those on chili!

And look at our pretty missionary. 
Our missionary grandkids are obviously doing well. 

Jessica and Chandler met up a few times at the MTC
She's still there learning Spanish, he's now in South Carolina.
We are SO proud and happy for them!

And had to include this picture.

This is sitting in a friend's entry way and to me 
sums out how much we need one other!


Heidi Ballas said...

We use an Amazon locker often! We live in an apartment building with only 4 units and all the doors to the property have locks that open with a key all the residents have copies off. The US mailman has the combination to a little cubby with a key in it to the outside doors, but other deliverymen don't really have a way to get into the yard, so they can't leave packages on our porch. We often have packages delivered to my husband at work, but Amazon lockers mean he doesn't always have to be the one in charge of getting the package home (and it means I can order him gifts without him knowing about it).

Grandma Honey said...

Very interesting Heidi. Makes sense now. Is Vons the only one with these lockers? From the sounds of your explanation, I'm guessing not.

Karen Mortensen said...

Some nice things there. Glad the grandkids are doing well on their missions.

Heidi Ballas said...

The one near us is at a 7-11! I think they are much more useful in an urban area. I, like you, would wonder what they could be used for at a suburban Vons! But I guess it is good if you want to prevent theft or are maybe travelling or moving.

grandmapeg said...

I always enjoy it when you put the wonders of the past week on because they are so interesting. I would never have thought to put tater tots or goldfish as an option with the chili bar. And there seems to be a lot more of the incidents of package stealing around here when Christmas packages get left on the porch. I will have to see if any of the Amazon drop offs are around here. Thanks for sharing your wonders!

Scrapally said...

Fun wonders! I love the lazy susan in the fridge idea. I have use one in my cupboard with spices and food coloring etc. condiments in the fridge would be good! Not enough door space for them all! And I LOVE the sign. Might need to make myself one...