Tuesday, July 26, 2016

I think he was talking about my Mom

Saturday morning we left these good people long enough to attend a funeral.

Okay, do you see my mom standing there to the right of the bride?

This was way back in 1949, and the bride, Betty, was my Mom's very best friend from 9th grade all 
the way through school and college. 

The funeral was for Marvin, Betty's husband of 67 years. 

Betty and my Mom graduated from Roosevelt High in Fresno in 1947.
Marvin graduated just a year before they did.

So at the funeral the pastor told the story of how Betty and Marvin met.
He said Marvin approached a group of girls and asked if any of them had any money 
so he could buy some ice cream. Betty gave him a dime.

Then Marvin asked Betty if he could take her home. She didn't want to go alone with him "so she 
asked her girlfriend to go with her." I couldn't help but think that girlfriend was probably my Mom.

It was just an odd feeling to be sitting there in that church hearing some about my Mom's life. 
I still have a hard time, all these years later, thinking of her having a life before us. 
But apparently she did.

Mom on right, Betty on left....Who knew Mom had a cell phone in 1947

The picture below is one of my favorite. 1947
Betty is 4th row back on the end, and Mom is standing right next to her.
Not sure, but I think this church is still standing in downtown Fresno.

Just think, all of these people now are 69 years older than they are here in this picture!

The pastor at Marvin's funeral said something that I'm still thinking about.
He said, "It is easier to find lost cash than it is to find a person with a pure heart."

I've been surrounded by people with pure hearts all of my life, beginning with my parents. 

The pastor also said, "Often the light goes unnoticed until it's gone." 

His first quote makes me think how blessed I've been.
His second one tells me how much I've taken for granted.

The last time I saw Marvin and Betty was 4 years ago...
Really, how does one go on after losing someone who has been by her side for 67 years.
I don't know!


Richard said...

So you're saying mom had friends before us...? Great post.

Grandma Honey said...

I know....surprised me!

Susan Anderson said...

I love posts like this one.

Robin said...

Your sons sure married beautiful girls! There's a glow of goodness there. The world needs more of that.

Grandma Honey said...

Why, thank you Robin! I agree!