Saturday, February 7, 2015

What is a terrible idea?

I agree with THIS.

Just in case anyone else is as naive as I've been as to what this is all about... 

I had heard about this book/movie months ago, but didn't really 
know what it was, or what it was about and I didn't really care. I 
DO care now. 

And really, teenagers are even reading it? How very very sad.


Robin said...

The Focus on the Family radio program had some good commentary on this movie. I imagine it can be found somehow through their web site. So sad that porn is being marketed to women so blantantly. What next? What next??

Anonymous said...

I hadn't heard of this movie before. It's hard to relate to this. I was so protective of my kids that I screened DISNEY movies for scariness before they watched them. They were from the Princess Bride and Star Wars generation, not the Twilight generation. Thank goodness. What with all the technology available to kids today and easy access to nearly everything one could imagine, I guess discerning parents need to keep a super-watchful eye on what is out there and what their kids might be seeing. But, mainly, they need to be teaching them from a young age to love what is pure and good and deserving of their attention so that movies like these would seem foreign and strange and dangerous to them. I remember as a child that my parents had such high standards for me and my brother that we kind of "looked over the top" of raunchy kinds of thing and didn't even notice them. We were too busy focusing on other things. I tried to do that with my children too, with sometimes lesser success. I tried to preserve their natural innocence as long as possible. I believe it was to their benefit, looking back.
So, Jill, I'm right there with you!

Grandma Honey said...

You explained it so well Darlene.

I thought….who could not want to protect their children/teenagers from such filth?….but reading some of the comments after that article I see that some parents think our kids need to make decisions like that on their own….Yes, there is a point in time (when they are older) they will have to. But what is the point of having parents if we just throw our kids out there to find their own way. Too often kids get sucked into things they innocently came upon. And they don't have the maturity to steer away.