Monday, October 7, 2013

So if you are interested in learning more about your past, 
or your relatives from way back, consider going to 
Put a name in, narrow it by certain years. 
If it's a rather odd last name like Rozier you will most likely be related to most all you find.

Like one of my latest Dad back in November of 1953.....5 months before I was born.

It's just weird for me to think now....
that while my Mom was making food for this bazaar at the Presbyterian church, 
and my Dad was practicing with that auctioneer hammer, 
I was swimming around looking about like this.
I paid $39. for a year's access to 
but I think they have free trials to begin, if you just want to check it out. 

If you find anything interesting, let me know.


Karen Mortensen said...

That is awesome Jill.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for telling us how you are finding these gems!

grandmapeg said...

Thank you so much for telling us where you got your newspaper clippings. I was thinking about asking you that last week.

Scrapally said...

I want to check it out...I wonder which names I would look up first?? hmmmmm