Saturday, December 29, 2012

Look what I got for Christmas

From my family.....

and I won't list names...I'll just show you the gifts...except for the personal ones.

Dinner and a Movie!
complete with snacks
And I already know the movie I want to see.  :)

A collage of a family's past year in pictures!
Very creative...I've never seen anything like it.

A certain 10 year old in the family knows 
her Grandma likes candles and neck scraves!
I feel love around my neck as I wear it.

A beautiful book someone in our family helped edit.
And was given credit on the 2nd page:

This is priceless.

Two of our family members got together and made me 
EIGHT table runners to go along with the seasons and holidays. 
and these pictures do NOT do them justice of how gorgeous they all are.

Love my new cake stand!
I've already used it to serve lunch on....
Food just looks prettier served on a pedestal. 

When I opened this I said, "But I don't want to go anywhere."
I soon was told this was not for travel, 
but to put LOTS more on my computer.

Den bought me one of these Masterclad pans about year ago and it's my favorite,
so he got me 2 more.
They are hard to find and usually you can only get them at Costco
when they are going through a week promotion...and you never know when that will be.
They never chip or flake and you don't have to remove pet birds from your kitchen before cooking
(seriously, some pans require that...the people can stay, but the birds have to leave!)
I also cherish all the cards and letters. I keep them forever. I feel so blessed.

I don't think anyone is in the blogging world this week, but you know that never stops me.


grandmapeg said...

Such lovely and creative gifts you received!! I have to admit I don't understand what birds and pans have to do with each other but I love seeing those new pans!

Grandma Honey said...

If you read the instructions on many of the non stick pans, it says to keep birds out of the kitchen if you have the pans on high because the fumes being released could kill them. Well my thinking is, if the pans can kill the birds, what are the fumes doing to us?

Scrapally said...

i am still in the bloggin world! i am behind in my blogging because Jacob is sleeping in my computer room...and we are keeping very busy! But I am trying to get caught the thoughtful gifts you received...especially loved the table runners! What a great idea! All the gifts were thoughtful and taylored just for you. Special! thank you for explaining the birds/pans...becuase I was curious too! The picture of tyler's fam is beautiful..amanda would have liked to have seen him while they were here. She wants to do a seminary reunion sometime...

Karen Mortensen said...

Looks like you made out pretty well. I love all of those table runners.

Anonymous said...

so what movie do you want to see?

Grandma Honey said...

Les Miserables... We will wait till the crowds go down, so we can get the back row in case I need to stand :)

Mar~ said...

Really beautiful and thoughtful gifts.
We are still traveling but Jonathan set up a hot spot for me so I can connect a's 'iffy' though, so you may or may not get this comment!
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!
Looks like it was just that!
I do love the photo of Tyler, Karen and Rich. They are a beautiful little family.

Tyler Heasley said...

I'm seeing this post late, probably because I haven't been on the computer much with my family being sick. But cool gifts! I know I'm not the crafty type and I'm supposed to be more manly or whatever, but I especially like the table runners. I like it when my home is decorated with the season, and table runners usually look nice. Plus, these gifts are great idea generators for others in the future.

Sue said...

What wonderful gifts!

And you deserve all the credit your family gives you...including in books!


Lisa said...

Thoughtful gifts for a wonderful woman! Loved seeing the beautiful gifts.