Friday, March 28, 2014

A family update from Portland

Remember about 8 months ago this happened…
Leo and Scarlett

Tyler + Karen, and McKay + McKenna both had babies born in the same hospital, a day apart.

So here's a little update of Leo and Scarlett.
I think they like each other!

Last week Den's two daughters came to Portland to teach classes at a fabric trade show, 
so they also came to see my sons and their families. 
(We are all just one family so it seems odd to put labels on them.)
I heard there was LOTS of laughing and talking, as is the case EVERY time they get together.

Kris coming in the door….

Kim and Leo

And they even got to see Kim's new line of materials. 
I am anxious to see them in stores around here since they are being distributed nation wide.

Den and I are going on a hunt this week to fabric stores around here.
He especially loves seeing Kimberbell written on there….
afterall, he use to call her that when she was a little girl!


Anonymous said...

So good to see the new little ones at 8 months!! All that newborn look is gone, and they are very substantial-looking and aware of people and things around them. That's such a great age! How much fun are they going to have when they are both 5??

Karen Mortensen said...

This is all so awesome. The kids getting together and the line of fabric.

Scrapally said...

Very fun! They are darling! I love Kim's fabrics! I have always wanted to learn to quilt...wish I could pop in for some lessons!! Kimberbell is very cute design name. :)

Richard said...

Another great post! Your kids are an inspiration...!

Sue said...

Your family is so blessed. Love reading about all the goings-on.


Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

This is so cool!