Monday, January 27, 2014

This is how Grandpa turned 65.

First, the Grandma Honey took 3 of their grandchildren shopping for party supplies.

 This was the week their mothers were out of town….
which is obvious by the looks of Violet and Téa's hair. 

Oh you think I should have fixed their hair?
 Let's just say there's a reason I had all boys.

 56 …. 65   What's the difference.

 Miss Violet may be little and not even 3 yet, 
but she's mighty and she has opinions 
and not afraid to express them!

After Téa listened to me talk to the clerk about 'back in the day when I was raising children',
she asks me in the car, "Grandma, where are all your kids?" 

"What do you mean?" 

"Where are they? Are they all dead?"  

"No my children aren't dead. One of them is your Dad. 
Logan use to be my little boy. He's one of my kids" 

She was not buying any of that answer. "But where did your kids go?

Anyway, back to Grandpa turning 65…

So yesterday all the local offspring 
plus their children arrived @ 5pm.
While Grandma Honey kept Grandpa in his office…

They all decorated speed style...

Then Grandpa appeared all ready to party!

Grandpa requested Taco Salad so that's what he got!

Then our family in Oregon and Utah waited patiently 
(in other words a LONG while) 
so we could surprise Grandpa and get them on the screen at the same time.
When  all their happy faces appeared 
I felt as emotional as Dennis did.

The grandkids were the servers of the ice-cream.
(btw, I scooped up the ice-cream and put them in little cups the day before.
Those little scoops of ice-cream were as hard as rocks. Not sure I'll do that again.)

I love the mingling of the cousins
Laurynn and Violet

Some partied so hard….
They got worn out.

And THAT is how Grandpa turned 65!


Karen Mortensen said...

What a wonderful day. Happy Birthday Dennis.

Anonymous said...

Dennis and I are the same age! Happy birthday, Dennis! I love how you love your family so much! I love how you love Jill. I love how devoted you are. You are a great man. You and Jill belong together and I'm so happy she has you!
Thanks for sharing that little gem from Tea. Kids say the darndest things, yes they do! Glad you recorded that one.
When Gabe was about her age he said, Mama are you growing faster than me? and I said, No, why? And he said, THEN WHY ARE YOU BIGGER THAN ME? It took me a while to figure out why he would ask such a thing. Ah, the mind of a child!
Skype may be the greatest invention of the Internet age!

Grandma Honey said...

Love the Gabe story, Darlene! :)

Anonymous said...

by the way, that is how my little girls would have looked if I'd had any! Ha! Maybe braids and ponytails. But, styling? Naw!

Scrapally said...

Looks like the perfect party! happy birthday Dennis! Those kids crack me up...

Sue said...

Such a funny question from Tea! And that party looks A-okay to me!!


krheasley said...

Happy birthday, Dennis!
I agree with what was said above--this whole Skype/Google Chat/FaceTime stuff is so neat! We were all there to celebrate Dennis! (Well, kind of.)

I'm ready for teleportation to happen next.

Lisa said...

That is PRICELESS!!! Love the FESTIVITY of it all! Happy Belated Birthday Dennis!!! You GO GRANDPA HONEY BUNCHES OF OATS!!! : )

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

Happy Birthday to Dennis! I love the way you all celebrate...precious moments for sure.