Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Our most memorable New Year's Eve

Our most memorable New Years Eve didn't happen tonight, 
since we are into phase two of our house facelift...

But rather, it was 15 years ago tonight. 
15 whole years have passed since then. Wow.

Dennis and I were on our second date, 
and he drove in from LA to take me to this. 
It was a New Years Eve dance for singles at this church building.

Only our second date, so we still didn't know each other very well. 
(but we had been talking for 3 months prior, so we weren't exactly strangers either)

While Dennis and I were dancing, suddenly the power went out and the fire alarm blares. 
Everything went pitch black. 
We all promptly evacuated the building.

As all our fellow dance goers congregated around the doors outside 
waiting for lights to come back on, 
Den said to me, "Let's go sit in my car where it's warm."

Tonight we went back to that parking lot, 
and we both remembered where his car was that night. 
The second stall to your left.

15 years ago, there we sat and talked and kept warm. 
As strange as this may sound now, do you know what I was thinking then? 
I thought….well I must be safe, 
I'm sitting here with a cop. 

About a half hour passed and the lights came back on in the building and we went back inside.
I consider that night the beginning of our future together. 
The last evening of 1998.
We were married 9 months later.

After our trip down memory lane tonight, 
we got to join the party going on @ The Home, 
as we dearly refer to it.
It's THE Home because that's where my Dad and Susan live.
Aren't they so cute!

 See that couple dancing in front? They are the talk of The Home. I'm not saying anymore than that. :)

Happy New Year!!


Karen Mortensen said...

Happy New Year. How sweet to go back to that same spot. Looks like they are having too much fun at "the home".

Scrapally said...

I love hearing your stories! You and Dennis are fun amazing people! Love the home and their parties...Happy New Year!

Logan and Amy said...

I love this story of you and Dad!! What a great night, to go back to the beginning of it all!! Love Love the new color on your wall!!! I want to come see it today!!! Love,

Grandma Honey said...

Come on over Amy! How about now? The only part that has been painted in that picture is in the dining area….but I guess you can see that.

grandmapeg said...

I remember you telling me about that second date! Time has sure flown by. Those older people sure look like they are having fun. They probably stayed up later that we did :-)

Logan and Amy said...

Mom, I just saw your comment. I will give you a call soon and see when a good time is to come over. My mom wants to come too!! :)

Ann said...

Happy New Year Grandma Honey!Time flies really fast... They were really so CUTE.. thanks for Sharing.

Ammy said...

I love that you remembered the exact parking spot! I love this story! What a night to remember!