Saturday, July 1, 2017

We miss them.

So when Tyler sent this to me this morning....

I was impressed at how far they had driven in just 6 hours.

Then it hit grand babies are 6 hours away, and going 
several more hours than that.

Yet, how can that be?
They filled our lives up for the past 10 days.

They still have their hand prints on our windows.

I walked into where Leo and Rich slept and saw this.

I think Karen or Tyler left it for them at nights,
 just like I use to do for Tyler.

Signs of them everywhere.
Juliet's booster seat 

The bath toys Grandpa Dennis moved a little 
so he could take a shower this morning.

And the backyard

And the remnants of our water fountain 
that broke apart while they were here.

Richie told me his favorite part of coming was riding these.
(Thanks again to Robin for buying these at a garage sale for $5.)

Even Leo's new pistachio phase left behind.

I woke up early this morning to find this note. 

But not as early as Grandpa Dennis. He is in parenthesis because 
he actually got up with them at 4am to see them off.

Can you tell Rich, Leo, and Juliet 
didn't want to go get their picture taken while here? 

Maybe they just preferred to stay home with Grandma Honey

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