Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Perfect Roasted Chicken

After coughing most of the night, I was so happy to take an 
afternoon nap yesterday. When I woke up the house was oddly 
quiet. Den said the McKs went to a movie and took all the kids with them. 

Then he pulls this out of the fridge. 
He said McKenna asked him to put it in the oven at 4pm.
what? what? When did she have time to put this together??

It was SO delicious!

When they got back from the movies 
she whipped up some garlic mashed potatoes, 
and cut up some fresh fruit.

It was like a dream waking up to dinner in the making.
And I will definitely be making this roasted chicken.
Recipe right here.
(she left the fennel out and we didn't miss it)

McKenna and Karen are already up early this morning
getting a start on dinner for tonight!

btw, McKenna likes this article she found from 1950.
She said the website she found it on had some preeeeetty BAD comments about it however.