Thursday, February 4, 2016

So the baby shower went like this....

Continuing from yesterday's post....

As soon as the girls started arriving for the surprise shower, I put them to work decorating.

They asked me how, and I said, "However you think it would look best."
There was such excitement because our very pregnant co-teacher would be arriving in 15 minutes.

Little hands just taking pink crepe paper and taping it wherever they could. 

And of course the banner they all made together 2 weeks before....

One of the girls arranged the cups all around the punch bowl.

Another took the cheese squares and came up with this style.
Some standing, some lying down.

As soon as they completed the decorating,  they began writing little messages 
on newborn diapers for baby Ariel. I wish I had thought to have them sign their names on them.

I could put carrot and celery sticks on a platter with Ranch on the side and hardly anyone would have 
touched them. But I put them in cups like this and I think every girl took one and ate them all. 

One girl brought an "unscramble the baby item" game.
Ten words all mixed up. I wish I had thought to keep a copy of it here.

Another girl taught us how to play the toilet paper game.
The girls split up in 4 groups and chose one girl in their group 
to dress up like a baby out of toilet paper! They loved it!

What a good sport she was!
Sweet Kelsey, who is not much bigger than the Primary girls had a 9 lb, 1 oz baby 6 days later!

Then we played the old fashioned memory game.
Look at 15 baby items for about a minute, and then try to write them all down.
I think we had SIX girls remember 14 of the 15 items!
It must be so nice to have a young brain!!

Then it was time for refreshments.
I brought my Mom's punch. It was perfect and what the girls couldn't finish, 
Den gave to the Young Women (ages 12-17) in the room next door.

And remember the girl from yesterday's post? The one who wanted to make sure all the knots were 
tired correctly? She is the same one who pushed her food forward here, and stepped out of the way, 
so I could get a picture of it. She thinks of everything.

I went home that night thinking of this:
The girls' decorating was the best! 


Susan Anderson said...

Looks to me like a great time was had by all!


Scrapally said...

Love the decorating and the refreshments! Fun games too! The sweet girl who helped do the knots correctly on the quilt and then helped you get a picture of the thoughtful! You do a great job with those girls!