Tuesday, February 2, 2016

She didn't think anyone saw her.

So while my Primary Activity Girls were making a blanket for our pregnant co-teacher,
I was sitting off to the side talking to one of the Moms who came to help.
The girls were all on the floor gathering around the blanket, tying knots.

When that was completed they all stood up at the table
and made a banner for the soon-to-be-born baby.

Suddenly I noticed one of the girls had left the banner making group and was kneeling back down all
by herself by the blanket they had all just tied. I watched this girl as she quietly scooted around the
blanket on her knees, checking every single knot. 

A few times she looked like she was re-doing some of those knots. After inspecting each and every
one she stood back up and went back to work with the rest of the group making the banner. I don't 
think any of the girls even noticed she had left. I think that was her plan.

So I went up to this girl and just quietly asked, "So were you working some more on the blanket?"
She quietly spoke like she didn't want anyone to hear, "Some of the knots were done wrong so I 
was just fixing them." 

What I found more impressive than her desire to "fix" the blanket.... was that she made sure to sneak
away, after the group was occupied so none of the girls feelings were hurt by her re-doing some of
their knots. She didn't want anyone noticing her. And she probably thought I wouldn't either. 

I hope little Ariel Brooke will enjoy having this banner in her home.
She was just born yesterday!

Next I'll show you what we did at the baby shower.....
It definitely had its own flair being created by young girls!


Anonymous said...

Is this what you did in Sunday school? Or was it a separate activity on a different day? So sweet!

Grandma Honey said...

This is an extra activity. I meet with these young girls (ages 8-11) twice a month on Tuesday evenings. We do hands on activities and the girls love it. So do I!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful and such a special gift for baby Ariel. I'm sure the blanket will always be treasured. Even more special is the young girl who quietly worked on re-knotting without hurting anyone's feelings. She is a gem! The banner is pretty and I noticed the extra personalizations....the hearts, flowers, sayings, designs, the reference to the movie Little Mermaid/Ariel/Under the Sea and the cupcake with a cherry on the top. Quite creative and colorful. You are to be commended for taking the time in guiding these young ladies. Looking forward to seeing photos of the shower.

pjc in mi

Grandma Honey said...

Pam, you noticed a lot more than I did! I hadn't even read what the girls wrote....but I will now :)

Susan Anderson said...

What a cool girl. Very thoughtful, too.