Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Better times are coming, Leo!

Karen sent me this text yesterday morning....

Oh Leo, Leo.....hang in there sweet boy.

Juliet, and Rich, will be your forever friends.
You'll see.


Karen Mortensen said...

Poor Leo. He will like her soon.

Anonymous said...

Things will change, little Leo! (I love how honest kids can be.)

Anonymous said...

Dear Leo,
I understand. My big brothers did not want me, either. They wanted a kitten! Eventually they had their fair share of cats and dogs. Of course I am their favorite (and only! ) sister now so all is good. You have a very important job of being a big brother. Embrace it.
pjc in mi

Richard said...

Grand Mahoney,
I remember going through this phase...he will grow out of it by high school.

Grandma Honey said...

I'm beginning to like my new name....Grand MaHoney ;)

Richard said...

I looked at your url for weeks wondering why you picked grand mahoney...I finally figured it out.

Susan Anderson said...

When my second child (Karin) was born Matt (the eldest) spit in her bassinet one day. I think that was his way of expressing the same feelings as Leo.

Of course, they ended up to be great pals. But it's hard to lose the spotlight!


Valerie said...

Haha! Lots of big brothers and sisters feel like that sometimes.