Thursday, February 11, 2016

An update on our new Washington grand babies

First, this picture came to me on Monday from McKenna. 
Annie is 2 months old now! 

Can't you just see Annie and Scarlett (2 1/2) 
growing up the best of friends?

 Then on Tuesday, Karen sent me this one of Juliet at 2 1/2 weeks!

To me, she looks just like her Mama. 

Thank goodness for text pictures and FaceTime. 

If Grandmas years ago had grandchildren out of state, they just had 
to wait for the holidays and hope pictures would be sent! 


Karen Mortensen said...

They are all so precious.

Scrapally said...

Darling! Modern technology is the BEST for long distance grand babies!

Anonymous said...

So very happy for you to receive this joy when you cannot be together! pjc

Susan Anderson said...

Oh my goodness. Cute, cute, cute!