Sunday, November 29, 2015

Why I will decorate our tree this week

I've been sick through most of the month of November.
Nothing really bad, and nothing that put me in bed much.
Just a lingering allergy/cold/virus(?) coughing thing.

But it's made me tired, and I was thinking maybe this year we wouldn't put up the tree.

But after seeing this video this morning, our tree is going up.
I want to celebrate Christmas to the fullest.


Anonymous said...

Loved this! Thanks, Jill. Hope you're full of energy soon. I can't stand to think of my friend having a lingering sickness. Prayers for your full recovery ASAP.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting that you posted this because just this morning, before church, we decided we will not put up our tree. I think this has happened only one other time in nearly 45 Christmases together. We will still decorate in other minor ways, but the tree and gazillion sentimental ornaments will remain packed away. Or at least that is how we feel now. Maybe your other readers will offer us some ideas.

Grandma Honey said...

I don't think you have to have a tree up to celebrate Christmas. But since it's so important to Dennis it's not going to feel like Christmas around here to him without it. That, and the fact that Christianity has been thrown aside and even trampled on by so many me, I just feel like it's not the year to cut back on the basic traditions that we have held so dear in the past. Having said all that, I do know it's more about what we do (service, kindness, good will), than what we decorate. My mom quit putting up a tree for years and years before she died. That worked fine for her, and she acted upon the real meaning of Christmas all year long.

grandmapeg said...

Beautiful video!