Friday, November 27, 2015

So excited to get this video today! the very end of this little clip I get to see my 2 unborn granddaughters.

McKenna will give birth on Dec just 11 days!
And Karen is due on January 26th. Little girls who get to grow up together.

At the very beginning is McKenna's brother Jared, with his wife Heather. Jared fried the turkey this
year! I've never ever tasted a fried turkey.

It's hard being 765 miles away from them!


Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful video!! It was just great seeing everyone and to read of your joy in receiving the video. More please, as in more family videos and much more length to them (unless there is a time limit)

Heather said...

We were so blessed to spend Thanksgiving with McKay, McKenna, Grant, Scarlett, Tyler, Karen, Rich, and Leo! It was such a fun day, and all the food was amazing!! We can't wait to meet the two new babies when they arrive.

Nate and Julie said...

What a fun video! I especially liked seeing Heather and Jared. They were in our ward in Colorado!