Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Pumpkin Pie baked in your freezer

This is the pie to make if you have 6 year old twins.
Since they can make it pretty much by themselves.. 

First you take 1/2 box of Ginger Snaps... 

and crush them.

whatever it takes

Then have your Grandma Honey melt 6 1/2 T of butter

and pour into the crushed cookies. 

Sit back and let your twin sister do the stirring.

Then pour into a pie pan.

If the back of the spoon does not work well...

Climb onto the counter and use body strength.

At this point, put in freezer till firm (about 1 hour or less)

Even if you are suspicious of Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream,
let it soften a little and then... 

Get to work filling the pie pan with it.

Soon it will look like a pie and you will be proud.

Give the ice cream a taste.

One slight problem however.
We won't know how this tastes until Thursday.

If you would like to see the original recipe go here.


Rebecca said...

Oh my goodness they are cooking! Weren't they just toddlers last week? Time goes so fast!

Scrapally said...

That is darling! I love the looks on their faces!

Anonymous said...

They will enjoy contributing to the Thanksgiving meal.
By the way, happy Thanksgiving, Jill! Hope it's grand. I'll be in contact early next week.

Anonymous said...

Anxious to know how it tasted!

Anonymous said...

By the way, was the pie good?

grandmapeg said...

Looks delicious but even more, it looks like just the kind of fun little kids would like to have. Let us know how it tasted. Hope you had a very nice Thanksgiving!

Grandma Honey said...

I never tasted it since all dairy gives me a sore throat....but everyone seemed to like it! We had 2 other pies, chocolate and pumpkin, but this one was eaten the most.