Friday, November 13, 2015

Kate the Orphan

Ever since Elora was little we have taken her to theater plays....

And each time I would say to her, 
"Someday you will be on that stage."

And guess what? Last night she was on that stage!

I think I started tearing up as soon as the lights went out right 
before the curtain even opened.

I think I cried every time I saw her up there.

It was ridiculous. Crazy Grandma Honey could not help herself.
And as soon I saw her afterwards I asked, 
"And what did I tell you every time I took you to a play?"

And she answered without even thinking: 
"Someday you will be on that stage!"

(she was excitedly talking to her Dad)

These two have become good friends through this production.
Annie and Kate the orphan

Just one of the many perks of performing...forming strong bonds.

I'm going again next week!
ANNIE is runs Nov 12-14 and Nov 20-21 (including a special 2pm matinee on the 21st)

Elora's Uncle McKay was in ANNIE about 15 years ago, 
as the policeman.

What goes around comes around. As they say.


Anonymous said...

Oh, oh! So good! You must have been so proud. And no, not crazy. Well, if you are, I'm crazy too! I tear up at all things theater. Everyone tries so hard to do their very best, and that touches me in my heart. Also, musicals have the benefit of the MUSIC. Overtures always make me cry as they set me up for an emotional response to the play throughout. Aren't overtures the best??
Congrats to Elora! I'm sure she did a good job and had a lot of fun. That Annie looks like a natural red-head?

Richard said...

Way to go Elora! It's fun to be related to a star!!

Grandma Honey said...

I hear you Darlene. That is me exactly.
But no, the red hair was just done for the show. I wouldn't have known except I saw a little video of her getting it done.

grandmapeg said...

I'm sure you are so, so proud of Elora, and just seeing video clips of her through the years, I know she must have done a great job because she is a natural. Congratulations to her!!