Wednesday, November 11, 2015

I need to look before I press send!

My friend was asking me about Primary Activity Days....
I do that twice a month with the 8-11 year old girls in our church.

However....Sometimes I trust audio texting too much. 

Anywho, the journal idea....I must say, the girls LOVED it. 
Look at some of their creations:

But first, this is what they each started with:

And then I had several things out for them to decorate with 

and they all "went to town" as my Mom use to say...

Some used a bit too much glue 
so I wished I had supervised on that part a bit more. 

(But I really don't like interfering when creativity is taking place.)

Which to me, is one big reason it is so good to keep a journal!


grandmapeg said...

The girl's "urinals" turned out great! I mean,"journals" :-)) I had to share our texting conversation with some ladies at our church activity last night, and I could barely get through it because I was laughing so hard. By the way, I don't care for my audio texting too much, because of the mistakes. Anyway, those journals are so cute!!

Richard said...

Good 'ol auto fill.

Scrapally said...

Those turned out darling! I love the text error...I make errors, but I am doing the typing! I haven't mastered the are ahead of me!

Grandma Honey said...

Just press the little microphone right by the space bar at the bottom of your text message, and start talking. but then unlike me, look at what you write :)