Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Our little sweetheart riding the bus to school.

I know Brock put this on Facebook yesterday, but some of my friends don't do Facebook
and this is too sweet to miss.

Cami on her first day riding the bus to school.

Cami's First Day of Summer School 2015 from Brock Heasley on Vimeo.


Karen Mortensen said...

So sweet. Love that girl.

Rebecca said...

Awww, little sweetie! She looks so big going off to school on the bus!

Susan Anderson said...

Good for her! What a big day.


Anonymous said...

Did they follow her to school, just to make sure she was all right? Ha! I know I did with my kids on their first day of kindergarten. Felt a little foolish, but I couldn't help it!