Saturday, March 14, 2015

Another Cami celebration!

It's what our granddaughter, Cami, likes the best….
watching balls bounce. 
So every year her parents give her a Ball Party.

It's quite the tradition.

Can you believe our precious little Camers 
will be 10 years old this week!

Now that she's older she likes to mingle with some of her guests…
like Katie and little Harvey and Jake

 Someone had an over the top huge ball this time. 
I heard a few gasps in the room when it was brought in. 
Or maybe that was me gasping.

Big sister Elora with two of her friends.

Violet caught that one just in time!

and then she had to adjust her new "Violet" glasses.
I'm not making this up….that's really the name of her glasses.

And then shared the ball with her friend Lexi!

Just a few of Cami's guests… her happy Mom  :)

Megan Healy with her little Macie

Erin's Mom, Lynn, with Judy Ryan (they both teach in same dept at FCC)
Many more guests but I just captured the ones right close by.

There was visiting going on even with the music loudly playing. 
Like the two Grandpas.

Gathering for the annual ball photo.

Some very wonderful person, who I don't know, 
makes and donates these cookies for the Ball Party every year. 
I hear they are The Best!

Every year Erin and Elora help hand them out to 
Cami's guests at the end of the party.

I happened to be reading the Beatitudes the other night….
how the meek will inherit the earth

And right away I thought of Cami. 
She makes us all want to be better, and do better. 

We are blessed as a family to have her in our lives.

The video below was taken at last year's Ball Party…
but I love it so much, here it is again.

Cami's Ball party 2014 from Jill Shelley on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

Aww..... Happy Birthday, Cami! Such a sweetie. And Elora looks so grown up! I barely recognized her. Love the annual ball party idea!

Karen Mortensen said...

Cami is wonderful. I am glad she had a great time at her party. It always looks like such fun.

Scrapally said...

Love this tradition!

McKenna Heasley said...

How fun!!! I loved getting to see pictures of everyone. Some day we will make it to this!

Rebecca said...

I just love this! I wish I was there. It looks like a lot of fun.

Susan Anderson said...

Happy birthday to her. What a sweet girl.