Saturday, July 19, 2014

Scenes from last week

After Amy and Logan returned from 3 days of this:

I do lots of praying while they are gone, I do admit.

They were home less than 15 minutes 
when they picked the twins up from our house…..

...and drove to Cambria to spend the night with Uncle Scott and 
Aunt Kim, and then next morning got up @5am 
and drove to Santa Barbara where several of their kids 
were just completing a week of EFY (Especially For Youth)

The three sibs, Chandler, Kylie, and Laurynn

They picked up more than just their kids but I'm not sure how 
many or who….but for sure, cousin Kaidy.

How's this for a brother sister picture?  
I quite like it. Chandler and Kylie. Looking hot. Literally.

Or how about this one? Does Kylie not look like a model for a 
shampoo commercial? I think she'd get the job. Shhh don't tell her. 

And then there's this one. COW she says. I asked her what that 
meant. "Crush of the week." Am I the only one who didn't know this?

She will probably never see him again. She couldn't even remember where he lives. 

Then it was off to the beach to play a lot before going home. 

I don't know where Logan and Amy get their energy 
with no break in between all these trips.

However….someone did find Logan taking a nap in the car.
He's always been able to sleep anywhere.

Kaidy and Kylie
Their very last year of EFY!

Why can't we have blue sky like this in Clovis? 
I'd just like to know.

Next stop…Family Camp! 
I hope someone takes lots of pictures for Grandma Honey!

PS  Thank you Kylie for all the pictures. :)


Karen Mortensen said...

Lots of fun times. That's great.

grandmapeg said... be young and adventurous again!! Looks like they all had fun. Yes, definitely Kylie looks like a model. All of those girls are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

In that one pic, Kylie and her mom look SO much alike!

Grandma Honey said...

Oh my Darlene, I just went back and saw the picture you're referring to! Like duplicates of each other.

Lisa said...

The BEAUTY genes run strong in your family! What a TRIP this post is! : )