Thursday, July 17, 2014

Katie's shower!

I was so disappointed tonight…
I forgot my camera and I was at a very wonderful baby shower.

My nephew Jake's wife, Katie. Their baby is due in just 4 weeks. 

I missed pictures of all her little nieces huddled around her while she opened her gifts.

 The extra little camera I had in my purse 
didn't do justice to all the great looking food. 

But I did get to hang out in the kids' section for a bit.

 I was able to grab a shot of Amy, 
Carly and my sister Peggy (Jake's mom)

 Always love seeing Katie's Grandma Betty. 
I've known her since I was a very little girl. 

We are all waiting to see if Katie's baby will look like a Cleveland 
or a Kennington. Katie and I decided tonight that with such 
dominate features on both sides of that family, it will be either or. 

Congratulations Katie and Jake. I can hardly wait to see your son.