Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I was appalled

So we are trying to replace our freezer in the garage. We figure the 
newer models are more efficient, etc. So we go to Sears last night 
and Den immediately found one he liked.

I told the salesman the only problem is I wish it had more 
removable shelves on the door. 

He said, "That is no problem at all."

"Oh, you mean you can give us a few more?"

"Sure. After you get the freezer delivered just call our service 
department and tell them one or two of the shelves broke and they 
will send you more."

I know my mouth sort of dropped as I was thinking of what to say 
next.  Den pipes up, "We're not going to lie." and then I added, "I 
couldn't sleep at night if we did something like that."

And you know what the sales man did at that point? Nothing! He 
just went on talking about something else.

From that moment on I didn't believe a word he told us about 
anything. We said we would think about the freezer, and left.

We came home and found that exact freezer on line from Sears for 
$68. cheaper, plus free delivery. We don't need that salesman 


Karen Mortensen said...

Good for you for being honest. I can't believe people sometimes. Glad you were able to find a better deal.

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed he told you to do that!! REally??? Glad you
solved the problem ethically.

Grandma Honey said...

And he acted like this was just a normal procedure. He didn't even change his facial expression or lower his tone….not that that would make it any better…but it was like a regular everyday conversation to him.

grandmapeg said...

I would be appalled too! It wouldn't believe anything he said either.

Ammy said...

This world is full of dishonesty! It makes me sick.