Tuesday, May 6, 2014

about Dennis

I can't help myself…I have to share this….

Whenever our kids are going through anything, good or bad, Den 
tends to get obsessed in it all. He's not pesty (right??)…I don't 
mean that….but he's been known to buy and read text books they 
are reading. Or look up maps to where they are moving. 
He even tapes these maps to his office wall. 
Not to mention that he continually talks about them. 
But that's a good thing to me.

His kids, my kids. It doesn't matter.

Well guess what? His obsessions extend to animals apparently.

One morning last week he announced that he found a stray dog in 
our front yard. I wanted to say, "So? Just ignore it." 
But I didn't. Out of respect to him, not the dog.

He was continually going out to check on 
this little bitty dog…..like every 15 minutes.

He was looking in the fridge and asking me at the same time, 
"What can I give him to eat?" Like I would know. 
"Nothing. We keep no dog food in the fridge."

So off he goes to the store and comes back with a meal for his new 
his little stray. Then he calls our daughter in law, Erin, for dog 
advice. She suggested he check Craig's List for missing dogs. 
He does this and ends up making several 
phone calls in response to ads. No luck.

Meanwhile I go off running errands, 
but when I returned this is what I see:

As soon as I saw this I said to myself, 
"oh brother!…Now what is he trying to do?"

He said he wanted to keep the dog safe until he could find his owner.

Then he calls SPCA but said they were short of help 
so they sent the police. Who am I, 
but shouldn't that be the other way around??

Soon after the dog left, Den said he was going to the airport to pick 
up our friend Jo a half hour before she requested. 

"Why are you leaving so soon? 
Remember, she said to just pick her up out front?" 

And of course this was his response, "But she likes me to 
come inside and get her and I don't want her to have to wait any."
Jo only uses a wheel chair in airports, btw.
Of course. Because that's Dennis.
(And should you think he just doesn't have enough to do, 
he still manages to work a 40+ hour week.)

I think Logan said it well at Den's 65th birthday a few months ago:


McKenna Heasley said...

I love this post and I love Dennis! I like how you said, "His kids, my kids. It doesn't matter." I even feel like one of his kids sometimes!

Grandma Honey said...

That's because you ARE one of his kids. Mine too :))

Anonymous said...

I like how you sat around in an "appreciation circle" of sorts on Dennis' birthday. We do that too, around the dinner table. I super-appreciate Dennis too, partly because you've shared his caring ways on this blog over the years, but also because I care so much about you, Jill, and I'm grateful to him for treating you so well. It's important to me that my friends have spouses that treat them excellently! And, he does.
Thank you, Dennis!

Karen Mortensen said...

What a guy.

Richard said...

Shudda bought some bug spray for that dog...

Rebecca said...

I think this is a nice post. I like that Dennis is so concerned for the safety of the dog. I am pretty much that way too. I can't count how many dogs I have "trapped" in my backyard while I try to find their owners!

Lisa said...

once a detective always a protector! : ) Ebb n Flow of Grandma Honey's adventures!

krheasley said...

Everyone needs someone like Dennis in their life.

Scrapally said...

he's a keeper! Very fun to learn more about him and his caring ways.

Ammy said...

This made me cry! I feel the same with my step-dad! Love Logans thoughts....made me appreciate my step dad a little more!

Grandma Honey said...

And Ammy I have lots to appreciation for your step Dad too….you know that story….

Sue said...

He's a great guy. And you are a lucky woman! (Of course, he is a lucky man, too!)


Kim said...

This made me cry! Thank you for sharing this Jill and thank you Logan for sharing, too! Very cool story. And I'm not surprised either. I love you dad!