Monday, April 28, 2014

The McKs are moving to their first home!

Yep, tomorrow is their big day!!

Those scissors look as big as Grant…or at least as big as Scarlett!

They will be starting their new life in Vancouver, WA…..just across the bridge from where McKay works in Portland. 

And of course this Sunday they will get to meet all their new 
friends that they don't even know yet in their new ward at church! 
It's like having a ready made family wherever they go. 
I can hardly wait to hear all about it. 

McKenna says this is how McKay takes breaks from packing…
This also reminds me McKay doing this 5 years ago.


Ann said...
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Richard said...

Congrats to the Macs! Best of both worlds. No state income tax in WA and no sales tax in OR. Right?

Scrapally said...

That is so exciting! Congratulations to them! It looks lovely!

Anonymous said...

Is that a Town House? Two story? McKay looks so tall in front of that garage door. I'll look forward to seeing the inside of that house!

Karen Mortensen said...


Grandma Honey said...

Darlene….No it's not a town house…it's a regular 2 story home. They bought the model. I can't wait to see it!

And that is exactly what I was thinking…McKay looks so tall! He's always been tall but he looks like he's grown. Can a person do that at age 30?

Richard…I asked Den about that just now and he said you are right!

Ann: Congratulations on your new home too! How interesting that you know the area… :)

Rebecca said...

How exciting! I like how there is greenery all around, looks so fun!

Ann said...
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Sue said...

Isn't that great? I still remember when they moved into their first tiny apartment.


Lisa said...

Exciting! Can't wait to see pics I'm sure you'll post of new house! : )