Saturday, April 26, 2014

Strangers out there...

Just as Den and I were coming to the grand check out last week at Costco….I think every line was
open and long... I looked at all the people surrounding us and I said a little bit kidding but mostly serious, "See all these people? We are responsible for them all. We need to watch and listen so we will know if they need anything." (I was referring to a quote from conference:  "We must remember those we meet in parking lots, offices, elevators, and elsewhere. All that portion of mankind God has given us to love and to serve…")

Not even 2 minutes later a lady came up to us and said, "Will you watch my cart for me? I forgot 
something and I need to go get it." It felt so bizarre, like she reading my mind. "Why SURE. YES 
we can do this for you."

So she went off on her way as it registered with me that she also left her 4-5 year old in the cart with
her groceries! Really? She left her little boy with perfect strangers? The poor little guy looked scared to
death so I reassured him that SHE (his grandma? his mom? not sure) would be right back.

Then I said very quietly under my breath to Den, "She doesn't even know us at all and she left her child with us?? What kind of woman would do a thing like this?" He said he noticed before she asked us that she was checking us out. I guess we looked trustworthy and passed her test.

That's when Dennis said (very oddly to me), "Well it's a good thing we didn't agree to care for her 
child because in case she never comes back we don't have to wait forever. We have things to do."
I thought, now there's a statement without any thought behind it!    (Just in case you don't know him, he
WAS kidding. :)

I, on the other hand, said to him, "I don't care if that woman is gone all day and half the night. I'm 
not going anywhere until she gets back." But I'm a woman and a Mom and that's how we are.

About every minute I assured the boy again that he was just fine and "She will be right back." Since I
was the stranger I didn't want to touch him or pat him on the back or anything like that. How confusing
this must have been to him.

I'm not sure how long this woman was gone, at least a good 5 minutes, maybe longer. When she
returned she thanked us plenty. We were happy to do this little tiny act of service, as odd as it all
seemed at the time.

Which is really just my introduction to this little video clip of Gretchen Rubin I saw on her blog this week….about helping strangers. I love this story she tells, especially the two things she learned from it. 

So many times when I'm out and about I notice good things people do but I rarely tell them about it. 
After watching this, I'm going to be more of a cheerleader for the helpers in this world. There are
always helpers. Don't miss watching this one. It's good!


Lisa said...

As usual i'll have to wait til watch! After reading this post your life really is an adventure! I can testify there are lots of strangers who go out of their way for me & I never ask but am always APRRECIATIVE. The other day I was at GB3 making my way out of class & this big butf dude said, "Let me help you find your way....I grabbed his BIG arms & he led me out the door & said, "Is this good?" It sure was! I thanked him & never saw him know what i

PS: Dennis has a sense of humor like my husband. They are quick witted in weird situations. : )

Anonymous said...

She didn't ask her child if he was ok with her leaving him? I don't think my kids would have gone for that. But, maybe you just really had a friendly face and they both trusted you.

Grandma Honey said...

She was just out of there so quickly. I don't think she told him anything. I wanted to converse more with him, ask how old he was, ask if that was his Grandma, etc. but I was afraid of frightening him more so I just tried to reassure him. I was also surprised she was gone as long as she was. 5-10 min does not sound like a long time, but it is to a little boy suddenly left.

Of course your kids would not have been okay with that….because they knew you would never leave them.

Sue said...

I like the idea of watching out for the helpers and supporting them, too.

Cannot believe she just left this child with you, even though I'm sure you look like the most wholesome, kind, trustworthy people ever. It's just hard to imagine!

Scary for the child, too. Mine would have freaked out, I think.