Tuesday, April 8, 2014

God's Not Dead

Did anyone go see this movie yet? I know it's only been here about 2 weeks, so maybe not. 
But if so, I'd like to know what you thought of it.

Since I have many thoughts rambling around in my head I'll just number them off:

1. Some of the acting was outstanding. Some was very much not.

2. I like to support movies that are clean (this one is) and I like to support people trying to do good in
this world. That alone was worth going to see this…..however….

3. Den and I enjoyed watching it. Not boring. Captivating, to us. Mostly uplifting.

4. I have issues with the way this movie ended.

*5. My Grandma was an atheist and while I can't speak for her, I don't think she would have liked this
movie for the ending alone. She was a very practical woman and the ending was not practical. Maybe
I'm wrong, but I think she would have come out of that theater feeling comfortable staying an atheist.
But she knows better now.

6. I did not care for the music which was a little disappointing.

7. It was hard NOT to clap at one point in this movie. Sure I could have, but with only 5 of us in the
theater, I chose not to. I wish I would have though.

8. This movie, to me, was also about not judging others. We can never know what makes people act
the way they do. That's why we just need to love them. "Love them anyway," as Mother Theresa use
to say.

*More explaining of #5. My Grandma LIVED Christian values. She felt it was her duty to humanity to
help and lift those around her. She would continually seek out the disadvantage and the suffering. We would often go on walks together but it wasn't to just enjoy the scenery. No. We would stop at homes along the way to check on sick or disabled people she knew.

She lived a VERY Christ like life. I had often wondered how a person could be filled with such
goodness yet not believe in Christ? I asked this to a friend of mine many years ago and she said
something like, "Whether your Grandma believes in God or not, she was still created in His image."


Lisa said...

Great review on movie & Grandma! I wonder if we were in the same movie yesterday at 1 ish? : )

I enjoyed the movie & LOVED the music BUT.....being that my new thing is Zumba, I could see doing Zumba moves to that song, "God's Not Dead" HOWEVER, I would never do it because it is clear the creators of the movie revered & loved God & Jesus Christ so...if a song is supposed to "honor" Diety, it would be inappropriate.

All I could think of at the end while all the singing took place is, "I honestly wonder how God & Jesus would feel about the music & lyrics in honor of them?" When you think about the Savior in all his quiet humility, I could hardly imagine Him there BUT how can you not appreciate or love the effort of a being trying to revere & glorify their name? Yet, when the Lord glorified God it was purely in His obedience & quiet example & teachings.....

I liked the movie because it shed light on the way different Christians speak & perceive the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It actually helps someone relate tot them & for me, I can even use their phrases like, "God is Good."

I would see the movie again. I did enjoy it but like you, I didn't feel completely settled like I would after 4 days of listening to General Conference! : )

Love your blog! XOXO

Grandma Honey said...

No Lisa, not yesterday. Dennis took me on my birthday last Thursday. Actually it was the beat of the music that didn't appeal to me. I couldn't even tell you what the words were.

I agree though, I have respect for that movie because it's obvious lots of love and honor went into it. And we really did enjoy watching it.

Sue said...

Funny you should mention this movie. We were at my mom's ward two weeks ago, and a kid bore his testimony by literally reciting every incident in the movie.

It was kinda strange, and we had to chuckle.