Monday, November 25, 2013

Bathroom cabinets before and after...

It all started with a blog post I read by 
She showed her bathroom cabinets and how she changed from the way they looked on the left, 
to the way they are now on the right.
(This is her picture not mine.)

She has complete instructions for the staining process including exactly what stain to buy, 
and other necessary supplies for it. 
She even tells you how long to sand each door or drawer (1 minute) 
and how many coats to put on, and how many days apart.

I thought, oh, maybe Dennis will do this for our bathroom cabinets?

 I asked him and he didn't seem that interested. So I just let it go.

Then about a day later I brought it up again….
"Are you sure you wouldn't want to stain our cabinets?"
He said he has never had good luck with staining projects. So I let it go again.

Then about a half day later I caught him doing nothing. 
A rarity, but he was just standing there looking bored. 
I thought, is this an opportunity or what? (My mom taught me that timing is everything.) 
So I quickly went to my laptop and brought up that post from Onegoodthing.

I brought it over to Den and said, "Would you just like to read this?"

He did, and guess what he said:  "Hmmm, maybe I can do this. Let me think about it."

A few hours later he had the project all planned out.

Our cabinets hadn't had anything done to them since we moved in 23 years ago…as you can see.
For some reason the lighting is different in the before and after, but it's the same bathroom.

 And look what he accomplished:

I hope my sister in law Wendy sees this because she is the one who said I should go very dark. 
Then when I saw that blog post, I thought YES, this is it. We he can do this! And he did!

If you would like to do something similar, go check her blog post about it.


Karen Mortensen said...

I love it.

Richard said...

That hardware is a nice upgrade too. Maybe Dennis should start a third career as a cabinet maker.

Ammy said...

They turned out pretty....guess what is on my honey-do list now?

Lynn said...


Nate and Julie said...

It looks fantastic! Nicely done! How is your kitchen coming along? Aren't you remodeling in there too?

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute! I thought your kitchen was torn up. Isn't that your kitchen cabinets that your showing?

Grandma Honey said...

Yes we are doing the kitchen too but we have hired out for that. And we've had several bumps in the road so far, but we will get them worked out. More on that later.

Scrapally said...

Beautiful job! They look great! It's wonderful to have play by play instructions for such big projects. I might have courage now to stain my little tiny night stand. ha ha

krheasley said...

Dennis, the cabinets look amazing! Great job!!

Raven Rozier said...

Love the updated look. Den did a fantastic job. You did a great job convincing him to do it ;)

Rebecca said...

They look brand new. Very impressive! Does Dennis hire out? My bathroom cabinets need redone too!

Sue said...

What a guy! And what a good job he did!!

Love the color.


Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

I love it, especially the knobs and pulls you selected, very lovely!

Kim said...

Wow Dad! Nice work!! Want to come to Utah? :)


grandmapeg said...

Gorgeous!!! Dennis did such a great job! I'm in line after Kim when he comes to Utah :-)

Tyler Heasley said...

I think Dennis should start a business called Georgeous Cabinets.

Lisa said...

Another INSPIRING post! Thanks for sharing!