Friday, November 29, 2013

Ashley's baby shower

It took five pregnancies to bring this baby to earth…..
and here she is….

Presenting:  Sarah Jane Nef
1 month old and 6 1/2 lbs now! (She was 4'10' at birth)

My niece Ashley with sweet little Sarah. 
I got to hold her, too, which was like holding a part of heaven.

Is there anything more precious than a newborn?
No, there is not. That is the answer.

As I saw Ashley with two of her sisters, Brooke and McKenzie, surrounding little Sarah 
I thought how blessed this child is. She will not lack for anything in this world.
She also has an Aunt Lauren across the US who couldn't make it….
but I know she is so anxious to see her baby niece.

And many Aunts on the Nef side too!
Aunts Melanie, Ellen, Tammy, and Jamie. And Great Grandma Finlayson

And not to forget Sarah's Grandmas…
Grandma Susan and Grandma Robin….not sure what Sarah will call them exactly,
but that's good enough for now. Sarah is Robin's (my sister) first, and Susan's eighth!

And TWO Great Grandmas

So much love and support this baby will have
Back: Great Grandma Susan Rozier, Grandma Robin, Ashley, Grandma Susan
Front: Great Grandma Finlayson and Great Grandma Nellie

Little Sarah received many gifts, but I must say this one was my favorite:
Is that not perfect!
And sorry about my flawed picture. It does not have spots on it….it's very beautiful in person.

One of the games….
We had to guess what item inside that started with the letter on the outside of each bag.

I didn't get one right. Not one. Maybe because I was talking as usual.

We were also suppose to leave some advice written on diapers.

And the food! Why do I always forget the food until it is half eaten.

I took pictures of everyone present but many did not turn out…I'm blaming myself. 
And others did not want their pictures on here.
So with that,  I will show you at least some of the guests.

Sami (married to my nephew Colt) and Brooke, Sarah's aunt.

My DIL Erin, and Katie who is married to my nephew Jake.

I think Miss Sarah was enjoying her party.

Sami with my sister Heidi

Okay, so this below has nothing to do with Sarah, but Robin gave it to me during the shower 
and I'm SO excited to have it! She picked it up at a garage sale I think she said. 
I LOVED the King Family growing up. I use to have this album plus all their others! 
I can still name every single person in those photos on the cover. 
This was back in the 1960s. Now I think we have a bigger family than even they did back then!

Back to the baby shower……
The glow of happiness!
It's so very obvious.


Richard said...

Great post! So happy for Ashley and Andrew!

Anonymous said...

I low how thoroughly you document things, Jill! It almost feels like I went to the shower. And the baby's weight gain is impressive in such a short time. What a cutie!
Also, how is it that you can memorize the names of all those people and remember them still today? Wow!
You must be one of those rare people who are good at remembering people's names when you are first introduced.

Scrapally said...

That looks like a very fun shower! What a darling baby and I love that gift too. I used to love the King family singers too, and Dave and I were just talking about them the other day and wondering how many there are now and if they still sing. do you know? We had one of there albums on a reel to reel, now you know how old I am. :)

Grandma Honey said...

Scrapally… Marilyn, the youngest King Sister passed away a few months ago, so now they are all gone. I keep track of the rest of them through Facebook.

Darlene….I love names so I usually can remember them, but not so much the first time we meet. I need to get to know them a little first. But now as I'm getting older it's not as easy!

But the King Family I was completely captivated by them all back in the day so I still remember their names and who was/is married to who.

Thank you for the compliments Darlene. Actually I had much more to report on that sweet baby shower but I had to keep reducing this post and even still, it is way long.

Anonymous said...

This is such a wonderfully sweet post of baby Sarah Jane and family. It was like reading "THE ROZIER TIMES" again of who's who and who's doing what ! (I miss that publication) Great to see Robin and Heidi. At one of these gatherings, someone in your family will need to commandeer your camera so you are included in the pictures. Anyway, this is very precious to read. Unique game ideas, especially the diaper messages. Nice incorporation of 'pink' foods. Love, love, love it all !

Richard said...

You need to give us an update on Donald Doss and that family with 12 kids...

Grandma Honey said...

Good idea. I will look into that, although he may not still be living. I do wonder what ever happened to him though. "The Family Nobody Wanted"

Karen Mortensen said...

Great post. It was like I was there. Thanks for documenting this wonderful event. We are all so happy to have little Sarah here.

Sue said...

You are blessed with a wonderful family. And I suspect you deserve every bit of it!


Lisa said...

Exciting times! The lil' one's eyes seem to be saying alot. I found myself mesmerized .