Monday, September 2, 2013

I couldn't figure out who she was!

Last May when I saw this picture of my nephew Nick on his wedding day in Ohio,

I couldn't figure out who was the woman in the very cute colorful clothing???

I kept looking at her but couldn't make any connection.
There's my brother John and his wife Suzanne surrounding the couple.
Then Nick's brother on the far left.
And Nick's sister and husband to the right.

I knew she wasn't the bride's mother because I saw her parents in another picture. 

Then a few days later my Dad asked me, "Did you see Nick's birth mother in the pictures?" 

"Uh, no.....oh, wait a minute, was that who I saw??"

Then Dad went on to explain that Nick's birth mother was with them in the temple that day!

I have never forgotten Nick's birth mother, not that I had ever seen her, or knew who she was, 
but she has often been on my mind since the very first time we met newborn Nick....
I thought of her at every family gathering. I wanted to tell her, "You did the right thing."
I just never thought of her coming to his wedding!

Unforgettable was that night we met baby Nick....fresh from his birth mother's arms to his Mom's. 
My parents called us earlier that day and said "John and Suzanne just got a baby!" 
and if we wanted to meet him to come on over that evening 
as they would be bringing him by on their way home from the adoption agency 3 hours away.

I still remember that glorious feeling in my parents' living room. I could feel the sacredness.
I could feel the courage his birth mother had to give him up. 
I could feel that he was exactly where he was meant to be. 

Being in my parents' living room that night was like being in the temple.
So pure, so right. This was a very special baby.

I knew I had pictures of that night 23 years ago but I couldn't find them.
I hadn't seen them in years. Many years.

But over this weekend I did find them, and here they are!

All because 2 sets of parents had the courage.


Karen Mortensen said...

Love this. I especially love the last line. So powerful.

Nate and Julie said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing these pictures. I had never seen them before. It's always so fun to look back. It was fun getting to know Katherine a little bit that weekend. It was so cool to have her there.

Grandma Honey said...

I was hoping you would see these pictures Julie! I remember that night like it was last week. The reverence and awe in that room was unforgettable.

Richard said...

You're amazing Jill

Anonymous said...


grandmapeg said...

What a sweet story with a great ending. I can't imagine where you keep all of your family pictures! You must have an archive somewhere. What a blessing that you have them all.

Sue said...

How touching. My sister was adopted and so was my dad, so I have a special feeling for this.