Saturday, May 18, 2013

Some things never change

Den says I'm obsessed with family history lately. He's right.
And in the process I am running into little treasures,
like this letter my mother wrote in 1957. Nothing too remarkable about it....
but notice what she says about me in the 3rd paragraph. Den says I am the same now.

 My Mom had 3 little kids at the time yet somehow she still found time for family history,
and visiting my Dad's sick or lonely relatives. 
By the time she had 8, same thing, only more of it.

Here we are, same year...1957.
Richard, Johnny, and Jill

Someone else in  our family loves to talk. Take a look here
If I didn't know Tyler so well I would say he is exaggerating a bit here, but I know he doesn't do that. 
So it really was 25 minutes!


Richard said...

I wish mom would not have aired our dirty laundry in public by telling everyone Johnny liked to play in the toilet...after all, that was before we had a pool, you know!

Tyler Heasley said...

Now I know where Rich gets it from.

Karen Mortensen said...

What a cute letter. So nice to have stuff like that.

Mar~ said...

I love it when you share old photos.
It is fun to see you as a child! I can really see "you" in your grandchildren!

Anonymous said...

Again, you look like Elora!
So you're still talking everyone's ears off? Or just Den's?
Thanks for sharing this.

Nate and Julie said...

I love this! And my dad is a great swimmer. She was so wise to recognize that way back then!

Lisa said...

I "LOVE" this letter, the pic & all it conveys! What a crack on Dennis' comment! : ) LOVE this. PLEASE...what is the name of the PAINTER you used for the bathroom a few years back? I need one to overhaul my house. I've tried emailing you in past but no answer so figured this method is best to get your ATTENTION! Haha....LOVE YOU & if you can't remember that's fine. xoxo lis

Grandma Honey said...

I have continual problems with my email sorry. I had no idea you were trying to contact me. The painter we had is no longer around. We are looking for a painter too right now.

grandmapeg said...

I love those pictures of you and your siblings when you were growing up. You are blessed to have so many pictures! I also loved reading about Tyler's and Richie's 25 minute conversation. That is so cute and so patient of Tyler. And you were a talker back when you were little, huh?

Sue said...

I love looking back at old letters. So much nostalgia, and I enjoy taking those journeys to the past.


Anonymous said...

Richard, at least you had a toilet! Jill --- did not know you are having trouble with e-mail.. did you receive my message from the 18th? I love this post and the adorable picture. Yes, Elora does favor you. Old letters are wonderful ---I imagine I have one from you from decades ago. Whatever happened to "Rosier Times"? I just found one dated 2005