Saturday, May 25, 2013

Our weekend so far

Crazy Carly, as her Mom calls her, came to town today with 2 day old Mara.

 I think she was feeling a little restless....having just given birth at home and all. 


 Enoch took their 5 older kids to the zoo. 
I was disappointed I didn't get to them all, but Carly assured me, "It's better they're at the zoo."

Her brothers, Ty and Jake were outside making a bench for the Ronald McDonald House.
Very impressive!

Then we stopped over to check on my Dad. 
He was suppose to come home today but Susan didn't like the way he was breathing 
so an Xray was ordered of his chest. Thankfully Susan caught that, because turns out he is in the 
beginning stages of pneumonia. So no going home today after all.

(In case you are wondering about Susan's blanket, they keep this hospital very COLD.)

When I first walked into his room tonight and asked him how he was doing, 
He said, "Excellent."
Sorry Dad, but you don't look quite excellent.

But he's always been that way.
He's said to me all through my life, "It will all work out."


Lisa said...

Post of Champs! So nice to see all the pics & updates. That baby is ADORABLE & SO ALERT & totally looks like she knows what's going on! You have a great family I need to tell you that! : ) xoxo

Anonymous said...

You're dad and mine are so alike! Could it be that generation of men? I think ours are extra special, though. When my dad was practically dying, he told me he was "fine" and had a smile on his face. I kind of doubt he would have said he was "excellent" though!

Karen Mortensen said...

Glad to see Carly's new baby. She is so cute.
Sorry about your dad not feeling better. Good for Susan for being so aware.

Scrapally said...

Carly is amazing! Joel helped a bit with Ty's project. We love those Kenningtons! They come from good stock...hope your dad is doing better. He certainly has a good attitude!